Reimagining Our Cities Through Sound

Sound-Frameworks is an action-led research project that explores the role of sound in the design and planning of the built environment. The project is led by the artist and researcher Sven Anderson, and was developed in London as a two year research fellowship with Theatrum Mundi between November 2021 and November 2023. Working with Theatrum Mundi alongside a team of partners from the academic, public and private sectors, Anderson is advancing Sound-Frameworks to produce assets that support architects, artists, acoustic consultants, urban designers, spatial planners, community organisations and others to integrate considerations of sound and listening within projects set in the public realm.


The objective of Sound-Frameworks is to find new ways to integrate sound in the design of the public realm.


Sound-Frameworks combines a sound-in-practice survey, best practice guidelines and an open access design tool.


This project stems from a diverse range of disciplines, from spatial planning and environmental acoustics to sound studies and participatory urbanism.